Who Are We?

We're four graduates/students from the University of Oxford who were fed up with bad landlords and grim homes! We decided to create legalme to help people hold their landlords to account.

Arthur Berkley

Oxford Materials Science Graduate

Chiara McDermott

Oxford Neuroscience Graduate

James Neale

Oxford Maths & Stats Graduate

Tian Ma

Oxford Law Student

How much compensation could you be entitled to?

You could be owed: *

*This amount is an estimation and is not the actual value of your compensation claim.

What people are saying...

Kayleigh F, Worcester

"Without the help of the Legalme team, I wouldn’t have had the tools or the know-how to confidently address what i came to know were violations of the housing act by my Landlord and Letting agency."

Ed S. - Author of "How to sue your landlord: A step by step guide"

"I think the flow of this to generate the template is great, so quick for such a good looking document is amazing"


We assess your current circumstances, and advise you on your options as to the best course of action - issuing official complaints of your landlord or lettings agencies, reporting the problem to your local council, or even suing your landlord in the small claims court.


Once you have lodged a case with us, we will use your input to generate the necessary documents you need to resolve your solution. These may include warning letters to your landlord / letting agency, official complaint forms to your local council, or documents you need to proceed with court proceedings.


We will kick start the process by generating a letter before action for you to send to your landlord. We will then continue to advise you along the entire process to secure your rights to a safe home.

Create a professional and effective warning letter

Use Legalme's guiding hand to help create a warning letter in just under 10 minutes

What does LegalMe offer?

LegalMe is a document automation and cloud affidavit solution which helps automate and process your claims against your landlord in any dispute.

Based on what you tell us about your problem, and the course of action that you decide on, we will help you generate legal / official documents which will be needed in order to resolve your issue.

We will also help you to create a case file on our platform, which stores and helps you keep track of your evidence, documents, and filings as the case progresses.

How much does LegalMe charge?

LegalMe offers a suite of free services to kick start the process - including generating an official warning letter to your landlord and letting agent. In many cases, this is sufficient to compel your landlord to action.

However, if your landlord/letting agent still fails to act, you may need to escalate the issue to an official channel, such as your local council or to the small claims court. We will charge a small fee for generating the documents in such cases - but you will be clearly notified of any fees which you may incur before commencing any processes on the LegalMe site.

Does it matter who my landlord is?

No. Whether your landlord is the council, a housing association or a private landlord your rights as a tenant do not change and you can make a claim for compensation.

How long should I wait before commencing any form of official action?

You can send a warning letter to your landlord at any point in time - though giving your landlord 14 days (after notifying them of the issues) to fix the problem is the usual recommended duration before commencing any official action.

However, this is not always the case. Your landlord needs to resolve the problem within a ‘reasonable’ amount of time - and if the problem is so severe as to pose a immediate risk or danger to your safety, your landlord may be required to address the issue even before 14 days is up.

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